Membership of the Association shall be open to any Nepalese or Nepalese origin person over 18 years of age without regard to gender, race, disability, sexual preference, religion or belief, or to any organization, located in Western Australia, and interested in helping the YUWA. to achieve its aims by abiding its rules and regulation and by paying any membership fees agreed by the Management Committee (MC).

Categories of membership

Following five categories of the membership will be held:

  1. General member: Individuals having met a regular member’s category and pays defined fees at a time shall meet the requirement of this category.
  2. Student member: Current students studying in different universities and colleges in Perth regardless of any degrees.

Membership fees

The Ad-hoc Committee will hold formal meetings (face-to-face or on-line) and decide the membership fees for all categories and will start making members. The membership fees for any categories will be reviewed and may be revised during the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) (details in section 4.0). Membership can be obtained by filling up a membership application form by paying the membership fee for each category. The Secretary of the MC will issue the membership application form. If the secretary is unable to work for some time, he or she may delegate to another member of MC in consultation with the chairperson. Application for membership will be closed 30 calendar days before the scheduled AGM and will open the next day AGM elects new MC.

Termination of membership

The membership may be terminated for good reason by the MC, but the member has a right to be heard by the MC before a final decision is made.