“YOU & US WESTERN AUSTRALIA INC” (YUWA) is a non-profit, non-governmental, secular, and non-partisan, non-political professional association of Nepalese origin based in Western Australia. YUWA. is registered in Australia as a not for profit, incorporated association.

The mission of YUWA is to conduct and promote sports, culture, academic consultation, capacity building, dissemination and charitable activities among Nepalese communities in Australia and possibly in Nepal. This will be accomplished through the active involvement of YUWA. in various sports tournaments, participation in the cultural and charitable activities, exchange of academic ideas and opportunities. 

The overall goal of the club is to assist the youth and other Nepalese community in Western Australia to enhance their various sports skills, identification of their strength and proper career guidance so as to develop a community of practice for developing collaboration, friendship, and collective action to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To provide sports training, inputs and expertise to club members to identify and strengthen their skills by participating in various sports tournaments in Perth.
  2. To conduct meetings and workshops on pertinent topics related to career counselling and opportunities in Australia in different academic sectors.
  3. To explore and facilitate collaborations between research and academic institutions related to different fields for higher studies, short-term research and scholarships, and exchange visits.   
  1. To explore and facilitate for Nepalese culture development in Western Australia with the involvement in different activities.
  1. To provide intellectual and scientific inputs and advise Nepalese policy makers and practitioners on effective disaster response in the areas of agriculture, forestry, and environment in Nepal.